Diversity & Inclusion


As a global organization, the PGA TOUR aspires to reflect the regions and communities where we play as we believe diversity of thought and background is vital to our success and growth. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming culture and be a positive example for all our constituents and partners.


What's new with YOU Groups?

Upcoming Events

Wed, Dec 4 | 3:30

AWIL 9 Hole Outing | Jacksonville Beach Golf Club | RSVP

Wed, Dec 11 | 2:00-3:00

PRISM Q4 Meeting

Thurs, Dec 19 | 11:45-12:45

TOUR Life Working Parents Lunch | Metro Diner

In Other News...

PRISM emphasizes the importance of helping PGA TOUR LGBTQ workers feel safer and more comfortable about being their authentic selves. Contact @Devon Fox or @Matthew Gregory to learn more about being an ally or how to join PRISM.

CORE presents COREversation, a podcast designed to entertain and educate. Listen to the first episode, Hispanic, Latin X or Spanish, where members of the CORE team discuss the differences between cultures and a few do's and don'ts. For info, contact @Karah Leewe or @Laura Waters-Brown.

Connect YOU re-branded earlier this year to replace “Gen-You”. For info, contact @Dan DeMartini or @Kelly Kristoff. Catch up on their latest by hearing their Aug 14 meeting here.

Get a glimpse of all the YOU Groups and how they've helped shape TOUR culture here.



Our D&I practices touch every facet of the PGA TOUR. In 2016, our management team developed short and long-term Diversity and Inclusion objectives based on five key business drivers: Our Players, Our People, Our Planet, Our Partners and Public Perception. An individual executive leader is assigned to oversee each of the five areas, and is responsible for developing the strategy, assessing resources needed, and reporting results.

 Our Players  |  Andy Pazder, Ross Berlin 

 Our People  |  Allison Keller, Michelle Corse, Jim Clarke 

 Our Planet  |  Ty Votaw, Christian Hardy, Stephanie Delgado 

 Our Partners  |  Brian Oliver, Emily Bellock 

 Public Perception  |  Laura Neal, Ken Lovell, Kirsten Sabia


Our Players Pillar – Presenting The Fairway Manual 

The Fair Way manual was produced for PGA TOUR players and is a work product directly resulting from the Players Pillar and members of our YOU Groups, both part of our Diversity and Inclusion initiative.   

The Fair Way manual is a natural extension of the core attributes of PGA TOUR competitions that feature honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and, most importantly, our players treating their competitors and others with dignity and respect. The manual celebrates the existing diversity of our membership, presents the organization’s values and sets forth the anti-harassment and discrimination policies applicable to players.  The manual also highlights numerous examples of players engaging in positive social responsibility away from the golf course. View The Fairway Manual here



In June 2017, PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan joined more than 160 CEOs from leading companies around the world to sign a pledge in support of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. There are now more than 500 supporting CEOs.

As a signatory, the PGA TOUR has committed to taking the following steps to increase diversity and foster inclusion within our respective organizations and the larger business community:

1. Continue to cultivate workplaces that support open dialogue on complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about  diversity and inclusion.

2. Implement and expand unconscious bias education.

3. Share best known—as well as unsuccessful—actions.

Learn more about the PGA TOUR's progress by viewing the posts shared on CEOaction.com about our Executive Director Initiative, CORE's (formerly MOSAIC) connection with Commissioner Monahan following the 2017 Charlottesville tragedy, as well as their forum tapping into future, diverse talent and our Emerging Leaders program. You can view more information about CORE and our other YOU Groups' upcoming events by clicking on their links above.


Unconscious Bias Education

Last year, we rolled out Unconscious Bias education as the next step in our D&I journey. These workshops help us navigate blind spots that we all have. If you were unable to attend the live session, don't worry. You can catch up here. To follow along, here is the worksheet.